What Beautiful Hair

by John C. Westervelt

My doctor scheduled me for a CT Scan to search for what might be causing a lingering stomach pain. At 8:30 in the morning, a woman and I were the only ones in the doctor’s waiting room. We exchanged a few polite sentences before we each picked up a magazine. I was taken by the beauty of her stylish, cropped hair. After sneaking another peek, I felt safe staring because she was engrossed in the story she was reading. Though short, her dark brown hair was full-bodied and neatly trimmed. I was sure she appreciated her hairdresser.

An inner voice said, "John, tell her you like her hair."

My shy, logical voice responded, "You don’t say that to a stranger."

The debate continued, "When you go through that door, you’ll not see this woman again, so speak the words of the inner voice now, or they’ll never be spoken."

So with a deep breath for courage, I said, "Miss -- your hair is so pretty."

With a warm smile she thanked me and extended her sentence to say, "It has just grown back after I had no hair for two years."

The lighting in the waiting room was low, so she couldn’t see the moisture in my eyes as I quietly thanked the Holy Spirit for nudging me on this day.

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