Jesus' Friends

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Jesus' Journey to Family and Close Friends

Martha: The Homemaker

Mary of Bethany: The Dreamer

Lazarus: Jesus' Good Friend

Bernice: Why Does She Care So?

Mary of Nazareth: In Service at the Wedding Party

James: Brother of Jesus

Jesus' Journey Across Galilee, Samaria, and Judea

Anna: The Prophetess Who Saw the Messiah

Seraphira: Woman at the Well

Hannah: A Mother-in-Law

Matthew Levi: A Tax Collector

Claudius: The Roman Centurion with Great Faith

Ariella: A Woman from Nain

Jairus: The Return of a Daughter

Jobina: An Unclean Woman

Cora the Syrophoenician: A Desperate Mother

Zebedee: The Well-Known Fisherman

Uriah: I BelieveĀ—Help My Unbelief

Dara: The Little Girl Who Drew Near to Jesus

Amiel: A Rich Young Ruler

Bartimaeus: I Once Was Blind, But Now I See

Zacchaeus: A Problem with Self-Esteem

Mary Magdalene: In His Service

Joanna: A Financial Supporter of Jesus' Ministry

Jesus' Final Journey to Jerusalem

Amasa: A Faithful Shepherd

Adlai: A Lawyer

Simon of Cyrene: Picked Out of the Crowd

Judd: A Criminal

Marcellus: A Soldier Set Free

Joseph of Arimathea: A Secret Disciple of Jesus

Cleopas: A Man from Emmaus

Thomas: The Doubter

Andrew: The Friendliest Disciple

Many Years Later

Bartholomew: The Innkeeper with Compassion

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