Karenís Kindness Ė Just Like Motherís

by John C. Westervelt

I first met Karen Dixon, mother of three young children, when we were both greeters for third grade Sunday school. I checked attendance for the summer months, and Karen took the roll for the rest of the year. To meet Karen is to become her friend.

My next encounter with Karen was at an August luncheon for Asbury preschool and Mothers Day Out teachers and volunteers. After finishing a delicious meal, I wandered into the kitchen. I found Karen and a friend there cleaning up the dishes after having served the meal. I thought to myself, "Serving is what Jesus did."

At the end of the final day of preschool for the year, Karen came to the church bringing me a cake. She said, "I enjoy baking and have wanted to make you an angel food cake ever since I read your boyhood story about your motherís angel food cake."

Alone in my kitchen at last, I pulled off the Saran wrap and stared for a moment at the tall cake. I understood the labor involved. I cut a piece of my favorite cake and put it on a plate. My first three bites were of the golden brown crust. For a moment I felt sad as I missed my mother, but then my heart began to overflow with joy as I tasted more of Karenís kindness.

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