One of a Kind

by John C. Westervelt

When the PBS Antique Roadshow was in Phoenix in the fall, the TV camera showed a woman pulling a little red wagon carrying a wooden box. The appraiser put the box on the table so the TV audience could see the fine wood of the eighteenth century spice chest. The multiple drawers had the same functionality as my fifteen dollar sheet metal chest with plastic drawers filled with assorted screws and nails.

I could see that the antique spice chest wasn’t perfect when the appraiser showed the bottom where the missing round knob legs had once held the cabinet a couple of inches above the table. Sitting flat the chest was still attractive.

You can imagine how flabbergasted the owner was when the appraiser said that the one-of-a-kind spice chest would sell for $50,000 at auction. When she recovered, the women said she was going to take her chest home in her little red wagon.

I must confess to hoping for levels of physical and mental toughness that would make me more worthy. But then I consider that I am the only one with my specific gifts, and I conclude that I am as treasured as the spice chest because I, as you, am one-of-a-kind.

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