Asbury’s Youngest Stephen Minister

by John C. Westervelt

On Thursday a week ago I had held three-year-old Megan as she cried for her mommy. Then on Tuesday she was fine in preschool all morning. Still, on this Thursday she kept her soft, pink blanket with her just in case.

Today I held Emily who cried for her mommy when she was shaken by the change of routine to take pictures in a room down the hall.

Megan, sensing the pain of her playmate, stood beside us and handed her blanket to Emily. Megan was successful, where I was not, in quieting the tears. Megan said, "You can use my blanket. It is a big one. You can lay your head on it."

As Emily listened her blue eyes dried.

Megan stayed beside her new friend, speaking with her brown cocker eyes as much as with her lips to say, "My mommy will call your mommy and you can come to my house to play."

The rest of the day was a happy one for Emily and Megan. For this day’s need, Jesus chose a three-year-old to be a Stephen Minister.

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