Old Testament Friends

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Abraham – Father of Nations

Isaac – A Marriage Made in Heaven

Jacob – Father of the Twelve Tribes

Joseph – Wore a Multicolored Coat

Moses – Why Me Lord?

Aaron – The First Dermatologist

Bezalel – The Master Craftsman

Deuteronomy – A Constitution for Israel

Joshua – Entering the Promised Land

Gideon - A Judge and a General

Samson – A Man of Great Strength and Weakness

Samuel - The First Circuit Rider

Ruth – A Loyal Daughter-In-Law

David – God’s Man

Asaph – The First Minister of Music

Solomon – A Man of Wisdom

Elijah - Heard a Still Small Voice

Elisha - The Miracle Worker

Hezekiah – An Early Day Engineer

Nehemiah – Cupbearer to the King

Esther - A Good Queen

Job – Why Suffering?

Isaiah - God's Messenger

Jeremiah – A Prophet to the Nations

Ezekiel - No More Sour Grapes

Daniel - Stayed True to God

Hosea - A Harlot for a Wife

Joel - Beat Your Plowshares into Swords

Amos - Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters

Jonah - Rode in the Belly of a Fish

Micah - Walk Humbly with Your God

Nahum - No More Chances

Habakkuk - Justification by Faith

God's Love for You

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